What types of corporate training are there?

There are various types of corporate training, depending on the industry and the organisation’s needs. Common forms of corporate training include on-the-job training, apprenticeships, job shadowing, mentoring programs, classroom instruction, online courses, virtual seminars and workshops. On-the-job training involves learning from experienced workers at the company in order to pick up the necessary knowledge and skills. Apprenticeships are a type of longer-term on-the-job training that involve more advanced instruction and certified exams.

Mentoring programmes involve experienced workers providing guidance and advice to newer employees. Classroom instructions often involve larger groups of employees learning about topics related to their work. Online courses provide an easy way for employees to learn about new topics or review established material from any location with internet access. Virtual seminars and workshops provide an interactive environment for participants to interact with trainers as well as other learners in real time.

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