The Art of Leading from Behind

Leading from behind doesn’t mean the end of your leadership duties. After all, the shepherd makes sure that the flock stays together. Leadership is the art of managing people to work for a common purpose. Unlike previously—when managers used to dictate to the employees and make them work—nowadays, managers act like leaders while working withContinue reading “The Art of Leading from Behind”

What Motivates a Political Leader to Lead Amid Crisis?

An implicit incentive for achievement is related to business performance, particularly in entrepreneurial or sales positions. However, an incentive for accomplishment is not correlated with political success; tacit motivation for power also predicts political success. Loss of control could be a crucial contrast between business and politics. But then, what motivates a political leader toContinue reading “What Motivates a Political Leader to Lead Amid Crisis?”

The Sick Truth of Problems with Servant Leadership

Organisations with a servant leadership approach are more trusted and attract more long-term stakeholders. Most examples explaining servant leadership are not just complex but impossible to achieve. Take the example of Jesus Christ — an example way above human reach. The bar has been set so high that aspiring servant leaders can easily be discouraged from taking theContinue reading “The Sick Truth of Problems with Servant Leadership”

Servant Leadership is the Leadership Style of the Future

Servant leadership is viewed as a more authentic approach to genuinely address the needs of the followers. Many people hear of transformative leadership, which sees people’s needs as a means to an end. Transformative leadership believes that fulfilling people’s needs will positively change them. However, servant leadership is a style of leadership that has been gaining popularity becauseContinue reading “Servant Leadership is the Leadership Style of the Future”

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